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"Élohé Élohim," a Multilingual Praise Anthem by Glorious (France)

album cover of "Ruah" by Glorious (

Glorious recently released a new album called "Ruah" (and the individual song is quite good, too). But I couldn't help but write about this multilingual praise anthem. It's simple, singable, and available in four languages (French, Portuguese, Spanish and English). Lyrics in all the languages below:


Élohé Élohim Yahwé Adonaï

Dieu vivant Tout puissant

Roi des Cieux Je T’adore


Élohé Élohim Yahwé Adonaï

Deus vivo todo poderoso

Rei dos céus eu te adoro


Élohé Élohim Yahwé Adonaï

Dios Todopoderoso y vivo

Rey del Cielo, te adoro


Élohé Élohim Yahwé Adonaï

Living God almighty

King of heaven I adore you


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