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"40 Xyoo Dlhau Lug" (trans. "40 Years Ago") by Daniel Yang and the Fishermen's Project

Doi Pui Hmong Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand -- Darcey Beau/Unsplash

Daniel Yang is the director of the Send Institute, "a think tank for evangelism and church planting in North America." He is also a worship leader and songwriter. When I (James) first met with Daniel, I asked him if he could introduce me to any Hmong worship songs, and he sent me the link to "40 Xyoo Dlhau Lug," a song he wrote and recorded with Fishermen's Project, a group of talented and worshipping Hmong musicians. The song is a prayer of the Hmong Church to be used by God and has powerful lyrics. When viewing the video, you can access the English translation by enabling closed-captioning.


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