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"Aaronic Benediction" by Misha Goetz


May is also Jewish American Heritage Month. I perused GlobalWorship and found out about a talented singer/songwriter of the Messianic Jewish community named Misha Goetz. Her website offers recordings, lyrics and chord charts. One of her more popular songs is the "Aaronic Benediction." It has lyrics in Hebrew and English, shown below:

English Verse:

May the Lord, May the Lord bless and keep you

May his grace and his face shine upon you

May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you

And give you peace, and give you peace.

Hebrew Verse:

Y'-va-re-ch'-cha A-do-nai v'-yish-m'-re-cha;

ya-er pa-nav a-le-cha vi-chu-ne-ka;

yi-sa A-do-nai pa-nav a-le-cha

v'ya-sem-l'-cha sha-lom, v'ya-sem-l'-cha sha-lom


This is the way

You shall be blessed

From day to day

He’ll be your rest


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