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"Abaana (The Lord's Prayer)" by Songs2Serve

Statue in Bahrain, Shamith. TP/Unsplash

Songs2Serve is an intercultural, music ministry think-tank in the Netherlands. I've helped them with their English translation work on some songs, and they invited me to one of their conferences (I couldn't fit the bill for the airfare). They do good work and provide as many resources as they can (e.g. chords, sheet music, sample recordings, translations and even lyric slides) for free. They also, in my estimation, have the largest library online of original songs in Arabic and Farsi.

This song is a musical version of the Lord's Prayer and can be sung in Arabic, Dutch and/or English. You can find all you need to play the song here. English lyrics below.

Our Father in heaven above, hallowed be Your blessed Name! Lord let Your mighty Kingdom come, Lord let Your perfect will be done, Here on the earth, just as it is

done in the heavens, where You live. Give us to day just what we need, give us to day our daily bread.

Forgive our sins, as we forgive Those people who sin against us

Don’t lead us to temptation Lord, but save us from the evil one.

Yours is the Kingdom, oh Lord, the power, the glory are Yours, from age to age, forevermore, Amen


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