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"Amrit Vani," Song For Trinity Sunday In Hindi

I first heard this song by Aradhna at a conference in Baltimore, and I quickly brought it to my home church for its annual Cultural Diversity Sunday. It's very straight forward and has a catchy tune (they really speed up the tempo in the original recording), but my main problem was to decide what degree I'd use melismas and when to breathe.

If you sing this song, there are a few pronunciation issues I was clarified. Pita = "Peetha," vani = "wani," teri = "teddy" and "jai" = "jeh." Also be light on the "h" in "ho." Lyrics below:

Amrita vani teri, amrita vani teri repeat

Jai jai Pita jai jai ho, jai jai Pita jai jai ho

Jai jai Yeshu jai jai ho, jai jai Yeshu jai jai ho

Paawana Aatma jai jai ho, Paawana Aatma jai jai ho


Your Immortal Word, Your Immortal Word

Victory, victory be to the Father, victory, victory

Victory, victory be to Jesus, victory, victory

To the Holy Spirit be victory, victory

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