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"As One We Stand" by Angie Saccaro

Chichi Onyekanne/Unsplash

I (James) have had the privilege of working with Angie Saccaro, an organizer of Milwaukee's Multicultural Worship Leader Network. I've been able to attend and patronize their conferences and work with other members (e.g. the Chabo brothers and Lisa Kay Galloway). Recently, Angie came and asked for help in arranging and transcribing "As One We Stand," a song she wrote about how God loves unity. She and I both agreed that it has a black gospel flair, and the lyrics (below) are powerful. Contact Angie if you want more info about this song!

There’s just something about His people coming together

To bring glory to His Name

There’s just something about how the Holy Spirit

Can move in power in that place

When we submit not only to God the Father

But to one another He is pleased

Full measures of blessing from the Holy Spirit

Flow when unity is displayed

As we stand as one before the Lord

He loves it, He loves it

As we stand as one before the Lord

He loves it, He loves it

Designed for community

Loving and living hand in hand

Saints committed growing together

Sharpen one another as one we stand

Freedom found, healing released

Victory known, deliverance seen

Strength far greater, peace far deeper

Courage more than you’d believe

‘Cause He’s a God who takes great delight

As we follow His Word, follow His Word

And He takes our mustard seed of faith

And He moves mountains, He moves mountains

I need you, you need me

Hand in hand, as one we stand

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