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"Be Thou My Vision" in Gaelic

Photo by Adrian Moran on Unsplash

Right now, we're still more than a month away from St. Patrick's Day, but related party decorations have already hit the stores. Of course, many people use the holiday to consume alcohol and party excessively, just maybe while wearing green, drinking Guinness and listening to Riverdance.

Myself, I'm not Irish. But my wife and kids have Irish blood, and we also had the opportunity of hearing the true story of St. Patrick, a very gracious missionary. One family-friendly version of his story is by VeggieTales.

So, sometimes I've used the works of Rend Collective or Irish hymns for St. Patrick's Day in church, but I once sang the first verse of the famous Irish hymn "Be Thou My Vision" in Gaelic. What have you done for St. Patrick's Day at church? What would you like to do?

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