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"Beautiful Mountain" by OKAMA (First Nations)

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I was informed about OKAMA, a First Nations self-dubbed "Indigenous Worship Band," by a mentor. From their website, we learn:

The indigenous worship band OKAMA was founded in 2010 by First Nation leaders Dr. Gerard Roberts, traditional name (Abouyou), of the Karina nation, and his wife Peta-Gay (Tayaliti) Roberts of the Taino/Arawak First Nations. Okama is a Taino word meaning ‘listen’ or ‘hear’. The family has an anointing for breakthrough, healing and deliverance. OKAMA’s ‘ancient-contemporary’ sound with its synthesis of indigenous and non-indigenous instruments, original lyrics, and First Nations dance offers a unique worship experience. The group’s versatile cultural expression has attracted opportunities to share their First Nations culture in schools, churches, and a variety of other settings. OKAMA’s simple music style smoothly blends the ancient resonance of the human voice, wind flute, rattle, and drum with keyboard, violin and cello, creating a synergy with other musical groups in fusion settings.

Their music is replete with wonderful and ambient sounds of indigenous instruments. I particularly also enjoyed the lyrics of "Beautiful Mountain."


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