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Break Every Chain

One song that seems to have struck a chord in most of the black-Gospel-singing communities with whom I've been privileged to work is "Break Every Chain." I've heard it used in worship services and often to close prayer meetings, and it was one of the first congregant requests I received when I started as a worship leader at a multicultural church.

But not the version you hear on K-LOVE. No, it's rather recommended to emulate the recording of "Break Every Chain" by Tasha Cobbs.

While the repetition of the song is difficult for some, Tasha Cobbs adds a bridge ("I hear the chains falling") and delivers the song with such drama and intensity to make the lyrics and overall song more engaging and worshipful, in my opinion. You would need a passionate vocalist (or more) and maybe a band that's able to hold their own for this song.

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