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"Breath" by Aliya Cycon

Aliya Cycon is a multilingual singer, composer, and a pioneer performer of a Middle-Eastern instrument known as the oud. She is the first female oud player to graduate from Berklee College of Music. From her website:

Talented young Oud player and singer Aliya Cycon was born and raised in America, but her music suggests otherwise. Singing in Arabic, Spanish and English, while showcasing her unique Oud playing, Aliya shares her curiosity for the world through her original compositions and multi-cultural covers. She has performed at the Nobel Business For Peace Awards in Oslo, and toured internationally as a “Cultural Ambassador” for the US State Department, selling out a 1,000-seat amphitheater in Amman, performing in Tunisian summer music festivals, and giving workshops and concerts in Kuwait. Notable collaborations include Jordanian music stars Tareq Jundi and Nasser Salameh, Tunisian icon Zied Gharsa, and LA-based pop singer Naïka. Aliya is a proud endorser of Godin Guitars, La Bella Strings, and Avid Technology.

Aliya recently released a music video of her rendition of Psalm 150, called "Breathe." It's also available for a listen on Spotify.

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