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"Changa" by Sheldon Bangera (India)

While browsing Spotify, I came across the work of Sheldon Bangera, a worship leader and songwriter of Mumbai, India. He writes music in Hindi and English, and he also does worship song covers. Bangera also provides free chord charts for most of his work. His most recent single, "Changa," is a collaboration with other artists as well. It would work well at a church service. English translation below:

By your stripes

I am healed

It's by your blood that

I receive my miracle

On the cross, every bruise on your body

Gave me life, now, no sickness can touch me

You are healer

Jesus you are the one who heals

You are the giver of life

Jesus you are giver of life

In troubles and pain

I call out the name of Jesus

All my fears are gone

When I behold you

On your promises

I stand firm

Your word changes my situation

From the heaven to the earth


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