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"Death is Swallowed Up in Victory" by Josh Davis of Proskuneo Ministries

John Bogna/Unsplash

Josh Davis is an administrator at the Multicultural Worship Leaders Network and the executive director of Proskuneo Ministries, a multicultural worship think-tank near Atlanta. Proskuneo writes multilingual worship songs and travels across the globe, leading worship and educating in multicultural music ministry.

Josh could be described as a "third culture kid," having lived in the Dominican Republic while his parents were missionaries. It was there that he claimed he developed his love for languages.

On Proskuneo Ministries' first album (which I had the privilege to transcribe), Josh wrote a song in English, Spanish and other languages called "Death is Swallowed Up in Victory." It can be used as an offertory or call-and-response song. You can access a chord chart and lead sheet at the bottom of this page.


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