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"Don't Cry," A Simple But Awesome Easter Choir Song

From the creative mind of Kirk Franklin and the choral ingenuity of Richard Smallwood comes an awesome Easter Gospel song for choir (no soloists) called "Don't Cry." It is easy to learn because it starts with its thematic melody and slowly build tertian and other easy harmonies. The chord progressions and verse/chorus order can also be learned by the worship team without difficulty.

"Don't Cry" is a ballad that starts off quietly and builds up to a big finish. In one of my previous churches, we used it to open an Easter Sunday service, and it was very well received. Here is the video and the lyrics are below:

Why do you cry

He has risen

Why are you weeping

He's not dead

He paid it all on that lonely highway

(Hey) and His anointing I can feel

He shed His blood, oh

For my transgressions, oh

And by His stripes

We are healed

So as you go through life's journey

Don't you worry, lift up your head

Don't you cry, no

Stop your weeping, oh

He has risen

He's not dead

Don't cry, wipe your eyes

He's not dead

Oh, don't weep

He's not asleep

Jehovah, He's not dead, oh

Don't cry, wipe your eyes

He's not dead, oh

He's not dead

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