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"Easter" by Travis Greene & Todd Dulaney

Ash Wednesday is coming up soon, and this could be a chance for a church to perform "Easter" from Travis Greene's last album. It's a black Gospel song with a background choir that has elements of R&B and reggae, and even an African language chant at the end (perhaps Igbo?), but it could be executed with an organ. Lyrics below:

So many charges I was in debt over my head Couldn't afford it But someone paid for it instead It took a while to recognize That what I owe did not exist no more

What I could not pay He handled for me He took the bill and the receipt It's signed in blood (blood, blood)

An outstanding balance (oh my God) That I could not rectify, all out of options But you settled just in time (hey) I couldn't understand how What I owe did not exist anymore

He paid it all, all to Jesus I owe (oh) Sin left a stain (stain) He washed it as snow When I could not pay He covered it, Hallelujah To the one who paid it all

We declare it all Our God who risen, risen from the grave, oh So we sing

On the cross, debt was paid In the tomb, his body laid (oh) Darkness ruled 'til light appeared He rolled the stone (yeah) He silenced fear, oh, death (oh) Look at who's laughing now Oh grave, the Savior's walking out With wisdom, power, with truth and grace All hail the King of Heaven Reigns

Hele, hele, hele, hele Agam ajagi mma eh Nani Gi Kam ga efe Chimo, Chimo, Chimo Agam ajagi mma eh Nara Ekele m'Jiri bia


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