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"El Padre Que Siempre Soñé" by Abel Zavala

Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

"El Padre Que Siempre Soñé" (translated "The Father That I Always Dreamed Of") is currently the most popular song on Spotify by Abel Zavala. It's a beautiful ballad with piano and strings and could work for an offertory during a Sunday morning service, including Father's Day. Lyrics and English translation below:

Estás conmigo, desde antes de verme nacer

Tu palabra me hizo saber de las cosas tan hermosas

Que Creaste para mí

Es asombroso que en Tus planes me encontrara yo

Alcanzado Tus propósitos

En mi vida puedo a diario verte

Y marcas el camino

Estás conmigo, desde la noche hasta al amanecer

Cada momento he podido ver

Que Tu favor me guía

A cumplir lo que Tú quieres para mí

Eres el padre que siempre soñé

Mi amor eterno, mi razón de ser

Mi dulce compañía, en cada unos de mis días

Eres el padre que siempre soñé

Estás conmigo, a pesar de los errores que

Sabes bien, pudiera cometer

Me ayudas a permanecer

De pie ante la vida

English translation:

You are with me, since before I was born

Your Word let me know of the things so beautiful

That You created for me

It's amazing that I will find

That You, in Your plans, reached Your purposes

In my life I can see You daily

And You mark the way

You are with me, from night to dawn

Every moment I could see

May Your favor guide me

To fulfill what You want for me

You are the Father I always dreamed

My eternal love, my reason for being

My sweet company, in each of my days

You are the father I always dreamed

You are with me, despite the mistakes

That, You know well, I could commit

You help me stay standing before life

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