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"Everything About You" by TobyMac (ft. Marlee)

Image from music video for "21 Years" by TobyMac

Burying a child is an unimaginably painful ordeal. Sadly, I have relatives and friends that have had to do that very thing. Tragically, TobyMac isn't the first well-known Christian songwriter to have lost a child. Because of the loss of his first-born son in late 2019, his recent album, "Life After Death," has been quite anticipated. The songs "21 Years" and "Everything About You" are written in that grief. The former is quite poetic, and the second features Marlee (his daughter) is more congregationally sing-able and would work well in a Sunday morning service or a funeral. Lyrics below:

When the whole room’s staring at you You can’t run from the shadows And the light can’t seem to get through When your soul has no window

When all you want’s to fly away To spread your wings and feel okay Just make it through another day, without you

I miss everything about you I just miss being around you Out of sight, out of mind Don’t add up, not this time It’s the cold truth I miss everything

When the grey falls out of the sky And then lands on your shoulders And when a nightmare walks through your door You live it over and over

You want the truth to be a lie To say hello, no sad goodbyes You’re gone, I’m here My world is dry without you

I miss everything

The way you smile, the way you talk

The times we laughed, the times we fought The things I said, the times you called Sometimes I feel it’s all my fault

I can hear you in my head The things you said still echoing The only way you loved was hard And I’m left driving your old car


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