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"Ey Isa Nazdam Bia" by Sogol (Farsi)

Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

I stumbled upon this Persian worship song online recently. It combines both Eastern and Western musical elements with good ambience and lyrics. It's available on iTunes and Spotify. Lyrics in Farsi and English below:

Ey Eesa nazdam beeya,

Bahre man baash rahnama

Dar dast-hayat een jaanam,

Ey haadeeyeh neekooyam.

Come, Lord Jesus, to my side,

Come and be my one true guide

I am wholly in your hands

Gentle savior, Son of Man Teshneye vojoodetam

Teshneye hozooretam

Darkhaast konam Monjeeyam,

Hameeshe Baash rahbaram.

I am thirsting for your Being, For your presence I am yearning

I am asking, O my savior, Be my Guide for evermore.

Be to tavakol daaram, Dar har cheez baash rahbaram

Saltanat kon dar ghalbam, Ey Maseehe mahboobam

I put full trust in you now. To Your majesty I bow; Be my sovereign, reign within,

O Messiah, precious King

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