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"Freedom Looks Good on You" by Maverick City Music

Maverick City Music, the multicultural worship-songwriting think-tank based in Atlanta, released an album for Juneteenth this year, involving a plethora of talented guest musicians (e.g. Dante Bowe, Katie Torwalt and Lecrae). One particularly fun and jubilant song, involving Israel Houghton and the Mav City Gospel Choir, is "Freedom Looks Good on You." This could be executed at any church with a choir, no matter how small. Lyrical sample below:

No one can take away

The future You have for me, yeah

There's still so much more to see

Wherever You go, I'll follow, yeah

Gone are the chains that were holding me

Gone is the person I used to be

Freed from the fear by Your perfect love

This is my exodus


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