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"Gladly Uncomfortable Worship" by Jaewoo Kim

I have never wanted more to be able to read Korean. Jaewoo Kim is Director of Public Relations and Development for Proskuneo Ministries, for whom I have transcribed music. Aside from writing songs, he has also written a book. More details below:

Gladly Uncomfortable Worship, a Community Practicing Friendship and Hospitality

by Jaewoo Kim. Jire: South Korea, 2021

"Gladly Uncomfortable Worship is a collection of essays and stories of a diverse worshipping community located in 'the most diverse square mile in the U.S.' Jaewoo Kim shares his journey of transitioning from a mono-cultural to a multicultural context, following the call of cultivating a Jesus centered, multicultural worshipping community. This book is about loving the strangers, creating safe spaces for diverse cultural expressions, and building friendship that leads to mutual transformation in the community."

You can purchase it here. (This site is in Korean). I hope an English translation becomes available as well!


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