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"Gooyeem Hallelujah (Barafrazim Name To Ra)" by Roozbeh Najarnedad

Amin Safaripour/Unsplash

Rounding out Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we have a song in Farsi and English, written by Roozbeh Najarnedad and produced by Elam Ministries. Songs2Serve recently provided all the necessary resources to play this song. I particularly enjoy the Middle Eastern musical elements in the instrumental accompaniment, even if the song is sung in English. English lyrics below:

We have come to lift Your name up And exalt You, worthy King We enthrone You in this place, God Jesus, You are King of Kings

We celebrate with songs and praise We glorify Your holy name We are here to seek Your face, God Would you meet us here today?

We sing, "Hallelujah!" We sing, "Hallelujah!" We sing, "Hallelujah!" to You, our King

All glory to Your name All glory to Your name All glory to Your name oh worthy King


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