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"Here I Am To Worship" in French

I first was given the idea that Tim Hughes's popular song "Here I Am To Worship" (currently #16 in the CCLI Top 100, sung by Chris Tomlin) could be used for Advent when I was at a conference in Charlotte. Later, I learned about the lyrics in French, and a linguistics professor sang it for our church while the worship team accompanied.

I think the English translation from the French has some cool changes that help us to ponder. Here is the lyric video, and below are the lyrics:

Verse 1

Toi la lumière qui a vu nos ténèbres

Ouvre mes yeux je veux voir

Grâce et beauté que mon coeur adore

Mon âme aspire après toi


Oui je te célèbre, et je me prosterne

Je veux proclamer ta majesté

En toi tout n’est que grâce, tout est admirable

Dieu tu es si grand et bon pour moi

Verse 2

Roi de tout temps Vers toi vont nos hommages La gloire au plus des cieux Sur cette terre tu t’es fais misérable, Humble et petit par amour


Je ne saurai jamais le prix

De tout ce que tu as subi (repeat) Chorus x2

English Translation:

Verse 1

You, the light that has seen our darkness Open my eyes, I want to see Grace and beauty that my heart loves My soul aspires after you


Yes I celebrate you, and I prostrate myself I want to proclaim your majesty In You, all is grace, everything is admirable God, You are so great and good for me

Verse 2

King of all times Our homage goes toward You And the glory of the heavens On this earth you have become miserable, humble and little by love


I will never know the price From everything you've been through

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