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"Holy Heart" by Ruah Worship (Japan)

from Ruah Worship's website

Beginning this year's Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, I wanted to share a bit about the Japanese worship arts about whom I've been taught. One of whom is Ruah Worship. From their website:

Ruah Worship is a group of singer-song writers and worshipers formed by three sisters and a brother. Having been raised in Japan, with international influences, Ruah Worship brings a fusion of styles and will continue to explore the endless possibilities in styles of worship music . Ruah Worship wants to serve to encourage the churches and people in Japan and speakers of Japanese, through their connection and communion with God.

This song was suggested to me, their newest single "Holy Heart." Its melody is moving, and, because it's a vocal group of four singers, there's lots of opportunities for vocal harmony, naturally. You can find many resources about their music at the aforementioned YouTube link and also their website (link above). However, you may need to find some assistance with translation of lyrics, as that isn't provided.


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