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"How Could You, the Lord of Glory" by David Doty

A hymn-writer whose work you should consider is that of David Doty. David is a friend of mine (James) as well as a fellow Wheaton College graduate of music composition, associate pastor and student of multicultural ministry. He's making his creative hymns available via his website and Patreon page. Words for his song "How Could You, the Lord of Glory" (perhaps a gospel-based version of 2 Samuel 7:18-29) are below:

How could you, the Lord of glory,

Condescend to rescue me? 

How could you, so pure and holy, 

Give your life to set me free?

Yet you are the Lord almighty,

You do everything you please,

You find worth in broken sinners, 

From my fears you give release. 

You alone, when I was suffering 

From the heavy weight of sin,

Came to me and showed compassion,

Saw my need and took me in.

You alone, my God and Savior,

Have the power in your hands 

To restore my weary spirit 

So I long for your commands.

You were born a second Adam

to become a curse for me,

underneath the Father’s fury

when they nailed you to the tree.

You atoned for my rebellion

as you suffered in my place

so that I, a wretched sinner,

could receive amazing grace.

Thank you, Lord, for all your mercies,

That forgiven we forgive,

That through highs and every valley,

Every day in Christ we live.

Thank you for the hope unending

That one day we, with our eyes,

Shall behold our greatest treasure,

You our Lord, in paradise.

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