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"I Believe" by OneWord (Solomon Islands)

from OneWord's Facebook page

A few years ago, I was commissioned to transcribe this song by a college friend serving as a missionary in Indonesia. Looking into their sponsoring media group, I also found this song by OneWord, a Christian singing group from the Solomon Islands. They have many songs in English that would work well in a church service as offertories or even congregational songs. Lyrics below:

I believe that you are Lord, the Rock of Ages cleft for me

I believe that you are Lord, the Son of God who sets me free

I believe

I believe that You are here and I will praise You 'cause I believe

And as I come into Your presence, Lord

And as I bow and kneel before Your throne

Unworthy, a sinner, but I am here

And as I tell You all about my sins and desire

And as I pour my heart before Your grace

I've come to understand Your glory

And that You are holy

I’ve come to seek Your face, Your ways, Your strength

The breath of life in You renew my faith

I've come to honour Your name, worthy is the Lamb

And as I sing to You hosanna, hallelujah!

The angels will resound that You are King of Kings

Unworthy, a sinner, but You’re near


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