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"I Bow in Prayer" by Aven Ezer (Ukraine)

Max Kukurudziak/Unsplash

An ethnodoxologist I follow recently wrote about this song. It has a very hymn-like structure and chord progression, and it can either be sung in Ukrainian or one can make an English text-setting based on the translation below:

I bow in prayer

On my knees in silence

And I’m waiting for you,

God is the lord of the soul.

Come to the heart, I beg you,

Sit in it yourself

I recognize your voice,

I will accept your word.

All daily worries

They left me

Heart is pressed by sorrow,

Night sleep does not take.

You will give the answer, I know,

On the question of the soul

So come I beg

In the evening silence.

A word of truth every day

Light up the way of life,

Give hope to the needy

Reveal the secrets to us.

To accept life in words,

To burn hearts,

To get to the newness,

To heaven, to the father.


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