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"In the Lowest as Well" by Proskuneo Ministries

Album cover art

Three years ago, I had the privilege of making lead sheets for Proskuneo Ministries' first full-length album, "1." Proskuneo, about whom I've written a few times before, is a growing multicultural worship think-tank outside Atlanta. They host conferences and podcasts and travel across the world to teach and lead multicultural worship.

And they've just released their second full-length album: a Christmas album! From their website:

"Proskuneo’s first-ever Christmas album is full of songs co-written in our community. With songs in English, Spanish, Swahili, French, Korean, Portuguese, Lingala, & Arabic, this album is a declaration that God is worthy of glory in the highest and in the lowest spaces and moments of our lives as well."

You can download lyrics and chord charts for free with this button below:

Download ZIP • 488KB

Lastly, here's the track listing.

  1. Oh the King Has Come

  2. In the Lowest as Well

  3. Emmanuel

  4. Amezaliwa

  5. Yesua

  6. Nos Rebaixamos


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