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"Make Room" by Jonathan McReynolds

Philipp Berndt/Unsplash

A blogger of faith and politics whom I respect posted this song by Chicago-based artist Jonathan McReynolds. I've already had the privilege of experiencing McReynolds's music and seeing him speak, and he is a creative blend of hymn-structured contemporary worship and black Gospel.

When I got to see McReynolds speak in Chicago, he talked about how Solomon's own temple was bigger and better than the one built for God. McReynolds then posed a question to us: no matter how amazing our works for God, do we still keep the best to ourselves? "Make Room" is a humble commitment to put ourselves aside. Lyrical sample below:

I find space for what I treasure I make time for what I want I choose my priorities and Jesus you're my number one

So I will make room for you I will prepare for two So you don't feel that you Can't live here, please live in me


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