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"Mary, Did You Know?" with Updated Lyrics by Jennifer Henry (performed by Gloria Fanchiang)

Gloria Fanchiang is a "Taiwanese-American singer/songwriter and worship leader with a passion to decolonize worship and help Asian American communities develop contextualized worship music and liturgy," about whom we've previously written. She performed this new version of the popular "Mary, Did You Know?" This song would work well in an Advent or Christmas service. Lyrics below:

Mary did you know, that your ancient words

would still leap off our pages?

Mary did you know, that your spirit song

would echo through the ages?

Did you know that your holy cry

would be subversive word,

that the tyrants would be trembling

when they know your truth is heard?

Mary did you know, that your lullaby

would stir your own Child’s passion?

Mary did you know, that your song inspires

the work of liberation?

Did you know that your Jubilee

is hope within the heart

of all who dream of justice,

who yearn for it to start?

The truth will teach, the drum will sound, healing for the pain

The poor will rise, the rich will fall. Hope will live again

Mary did you know, that we hear your voice

for the healing of the nations?

Mary did you know, your unsettling cry

can help renew creation?

Do you know, that we need your faith,

the confidence of you,

May the God that you believe in,

be so true.


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