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"May the Love of the Lord" by Dr. Swee Hong Lim and Maria Ling

Updated: Jan 30


Last week, I came across Gloria Fanchiang's second blog article about how to celebrate the Lunar New Year in a worship service. I'll definitely be taking a look at her recommended resources throughout the entire year (and you should as well), but today I wanted to highlight this song. While written with English lyrics, you can hear the Asian musical elements (particularly its pentatonic melody) in this simple and sweet benediction. Ms. Fanchiang provides other links:

The song’s background story can be found here. A choral arrangement is available here.

The lyrics are:

May the love of the Lord rest upon your soul.

May God's love dwell with you throughout every day.

In light of three recent shootings that happened within California's Asian communities over the past few days, I am praying this benediction for them.


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