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'Mi Confianza Está en Tí' by Coalo Zamorano

Bernard Hermant/Unsplash

One song (that's fairly popular on iTunes) by the Mexican-American worship leader Coalo Zamorano is 'Mi Confianza Está en Tí.' The lyrics (as with other songs of his) are short yet powerful, and the song is straight-forward. Lyrics and English translation below:

Tú conoces cada deseo, tú me formaste, eres mi dueño, solo tú

Nada me falta nada yo anhelo solo tu amor es lo que yo quiero solo tú

Mi confianza esta en ti, rodeado estoy por ti, tú eres mi escudo

Mi esperanza esta en ti, mi futuro mi existir, en ti yo vivo seguro

English translation:

You know every wish, You formed me, You are my owner, only You

Nothing is missing, nothing I long for, only Your love is what I want, only You

My trust is in You, surrounded by You, You are my shield

My hope is in You, my future and my existence, in You I live safely

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