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"Mi Oración (La Niña de Tus Ojos)" by Maverick City Música (feat. Melody Adorno)

children at a playground in Columbia (Jhon David/Unsplash)

I thought I'd close out this year's Hispanic Heritage Month with a song I particularly enjoyed from Maverick City Música, affiliated with Maverick City Music, the multicultural worship and songwriting think-tank in Atlanta. This song is straightforward with powerful lyrics, and would be easily sing-able in a Sunday morning service. Lyrics and English translation below.

Esta es mi oración

Que tu presencia

Se derrame en mí

Este es mi corazón

Que yo sea un reflejo de ti

Y todo lo que soy

Te lo entrego hoy

Me humillo a tus pies

Sin ti no soy nada

Purifica mi alma

Haz tu voluntad en mí

Esta es mi oración

Como no ofrecerte

Una ofrenda que perfume tu trono

Vivir para agradarte

Es mi gozo darte a ti lo mejor

Y antes de yo hablar

Quiero escuchar tu voz

Antes de caminar

Ve delante de mí

En cada momento

Yo confiaré en ti

Y tu palabra

Sea mi seguridad

Te amo más que a mi vida

Te amo más que a mi vida

Te ama más que a mi vida más

Y me diste nombre

Yo soy tu niña

La niña de tus ojos

Porque me amaste a mí

English translation:

This is my prayer

That Your presence

Spill on me

This is my heart

May I be a reflection of you

And all that I am

I give it to you today

I humble myself at your feet

Without you I am nothing

Purify my soul

Do your will in me

This is my prayer

How not to offer you

An offering that perfumes your throne

Live to please you

It is my joy to give you the best

And before I speak

I want to hear your voice

Before walking

Go ahead of me

In every moment

I will trust you

And your word

Be my safety

I love you more than my life

I love you more than my life

I love you more than my life, more

And you gave me a name

I am your child

The child of your eyes

Because you loved me


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