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"Moja Wolność" by TGD

Aditya Saxena/Unsplash

October is Polish American Heritage Month. Myself, I have relatives from Poland, and my nearby city, Chicago, has the second largest Polish community in the world (only outdone by Warsaw, itself). Even in the near northwest suburbs, where I live, it's not difficult to meet someone whose first language is Polish and see Polish-owned businesses. It's far from uncommon to see Polish flags proudly displayed in house windows and above windshields.

Looking online, the most popular Polish worship ensemble is TGD, which is an acronym for the Polish phrase "third hour of the day." Their most listened-to song on Spotify is "Moja Wolność," translated "My Freedom." Arguably for a female lead, the chord progression is straight forward and the melody is catchy. Lyrical sample (chorus) and translation below:

To mej wolności pieśń

Już nic nie trzyma mnie

Chcę tańczyć, chcę śpiewać

O Alleluja

To mej wdzięczności gest

Ręce podnoszą się

Wysoko do nieba

O Alleluja

English translation:

This is my song of freedom

Nothing's holding me anymore

I want to dance, I want to sing

O Hallelujah

This is a gesture of gratitude from me

The hands go up

High to heaven

O Hallelujah


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