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"Most Beautiful/So In Love" & Other Songs from a Worship Songwriting Camp in Atlanta

It's a conviction of mine that homemade and contextualized (not duplicated) songwriting and execution is a very underrated component to a deeply edifying worship music ministry. I recently learned of Maverick City Music in Atlanta, who regularly hosts camps and produces music. You can find some of their songs on Spotify and YouTube. From their website:

In 2018 we hosted 17 writing camps, accommodated over 100 artists and writers, and were apart of creating and shaping 100s of songs. Our goal however was not to be a song factory but rather to create a space where worship expression takes precedence over proficiency. Our dream is that the worship genre would be a place where diversity thrives , and the hope of every tribe united with their voices raised wouldn’t just be a vision of the future but would capture the prophetic imaginations of the church in our day.

The song "Most Beautiful/So In Love" has the lyrics and melody of a contemporary worship song, but the choral background vocals and the elements of call and response and vocal improvisation blend in a good amount of Gospel flavor. This song would work well as part of a set for a morning service or a worship night. Lyrics below:

One thing I desire

Only this I seek

Just to dwell, dwell, dwell

Here forever

This will be my posture

Laying at Your feet

Oh, just to dwell, dwell, dwell

Here forever

Dearest Father

Closest Friend

Most beautiful

Most beautiful

There are no words

There’s nothing left

Our love sings to You

I'm so in love with You, You're beautiful, so beautiful

I fix my eyes on You, You're beautiful, so beautiful

With just one look everything changes

I'm captivated and I'll never be the same

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