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"Move" by Lecrae and 1K Phew

Lecrae released his most recent album, No Church in a While, with 1k Phew. One catchy and popular song is "Move." Lyrics below:

I like to move it, move it Jumped off the porch, now I'm just coolin' (I'm just coolin', move it) I had to chase my mood in life When I woke up, it's not Judge Judy (it's not Judge Judy) I like to move it, move it So please, get out the way, excuse me (I like to move it, move it) I like to move it, move it Jumped off the porch, now I'm just coolin'

Now I'm comin' in, hammer time number two What you gon' do when the tidal wave pull up with a typhoon? (What you gon' do?) I say a prayer on the floor like it's War Room I was in the courtroom, you was in your room (you was in yours) Every time the police came to my door I just shook my head low and prayed and watched a cartoon It's a whole lot of y'all walking 'round lookin' so crazy I ain't even gon' laugh, I'ma talk to 'em (whole lot of y'all)

You need to go change your life, young man (change your life) Man up in the kitchen with the pots and pans Camera did it dirty, had to wash your hands Done been so hurt that you can barely stand Well, you better not go out (stupid) If it's gon' go up then I don't shoot it (don't shoot) I got the light on me, can't lose it (I got the light) Why would lose your life? That's foolish

"Hammer Time" boys in the buildin' What we doin'? (Move it)

Say somethin' (ayy), move it (move) Hop out the whip, let's do it (let's do it) Jump off the stage, I'm too lit Jump back and get on the bus, I'm coolin' (skrr)

I'm in the script, makin' sure, I don't slip while I'm fishin' outside in the pool and I tell lil' bro, I'ma show him the ropes, so I pull out my Bible to school him (let's go) It's too many rappers who don't know their mission, they want my position (move it) Too caught up in numbers or caught up in wonderin' if I'm a Christian (move it) Light of the world 'til the King is back, uh We out here smokin' that demon pack You can tell Lucifer, "Go get his shooters" and look for a city where Jesus at


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