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"Mr. Simon" by Ken Medema

July is Disability Pride Month, and the first Christian artist that came to mind for me is Ken Medema. I've seen him lead worship at Wheaton College's chapel and am a big fan of his arrangement of "Jesus, Lover of My Soul."

I recently stumbled upon a song of his called "Mr. Simon." It's based on the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector. It would work as an offertory in a Sunday service. Lyrics below:

Well there’s a man I really like for you to know

Mr. Simon is his name folks like him so

He’s got friends in all the nicest parts of town

His name is known all around

Every Sunday morning when the bells begin to ring

Mr. Simon’s at the church where he does his thing

He loves to join the lovelies who come to praise the Lord

And he loves to hear the people singing all in one accord

When Mr. Simon prays in church he’s always heard

You’ll note his every elegantly spoken word

Every time he gets the chance he prays out loud

He loves the church he loves the crows

While Mr. Simon’s uttering his pious prayer

There’s one who sits in back and seems quite unaware

You’ll see him kneeling and softly crying

“Lord, I’m not good at all, Lord have mercy on me

Lord, I have sinned against you, Lord have mercy on me”

Say Simon did you see that man in church today

Kneeling weeping in the most peculiar way

Well yes I hear his reputation is not so fine

I’m glad his reputation isn’t mind

Two men walked into the church upon that Sunday morn

One left slightly wrinkled the other left reborn, reborn


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