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Music Through The Eyes Of Faith

From Harold Best, Dean Emeritus of the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music, a portion of one of his books:

"But despite many years of disintegrated musical training, clean through a doctorate, and a considerable way into a professional career; despite my place with in the ranks of the musical idolaters and ridiculers; and thanks to a spiritual brokenness that reintroduced me to the fullness of Christ and the principled wonder of the Scriptures, I began to put these worlds back together and to re-enter once more the delights of childhood, revisiting and celebrating one world of music, by now larger and grander than ever.

"And in these later years in my profession, I find myself laughing and whole again, musically happier than ever, celebrating this vast expanse of sonic creativity, longing with all my heart to be a world musician as a living part of being a world Christian, and delighting in teaching all of this renewed good news. I find myself wanting to dance through a Pentecost of musics, excited as never before, rejecting older, narrower, restrictive canons, but continuing to embrace the musics they exclusively praised, while rejoining other musics I had for too long turned my back on. And, thanks to the world of ethnomusicology, I discover - almost daily - new sounds, new textures, new reasons, new combinations, along with deeper and wider aesthetic values."

Music Through The Eyes Of Faith is available here and in our resources page!

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