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"My Delight" by Ella Sharp

From their website: "Beloved Arise is a multi-faith community that celebrates and embraces queer youth and young adults from all faith traditions." It's through this organization that I found this powerful song from their album Serenade. There are a few other songs on this album that also could work well in a church service, given that they channel God's Scriptural and loving voice to the sadly-marginalized LGBTQIA+ community, regardless of where a Christian can stand on the related theological spectrum. One such song is "My Delight" by Ella Sharp. Lyrics below:

Splintered soul, weary bones I feel the weight in your heart And Mine breaks for you Don’t you know I’m the only one Who can tell you who you are?

I want you close, sweet love of Mine You are My song, you’re My delight All that you are is by design Beloved, you were made to rise, rise

Drifting on tempest water You’re not falling away, you’re falling into me Don’t you know I’m the only one Who can tell you who you are?

Arise, come alive, arise

In Me, you’re free to sing at the top of your lungs Dance in the morning sun Chase out the dark And love just as you are

Arise, arise Beloved, arise


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