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"My Worship is for Real" by VaShawn Mitchell

Since August is Black Business Month, today we're talking about VaShawn Mitchell of Tyscot Records, the oldest black-owned Gospel recording label in the U.S., headquartered in Indianapolis. VaShawn Mitchell's most popular song is "Joy," about which I've posted and also led in a multicultural church. But another popular song is this simple but choir-powered "encouragement medley" (with some horizontal lyric similarities to "I Need You to Survive") called "My Worship is for Real." Lyrics below:

You don't know my story, All the things that I've been through; You can't feel my pain, What I had to go through to get here, You'll never understand my praise, Don't try to figure it out; Because my worship is for real . I've been through too much not to worship Him.

Hallelujah, My worship is for real.

Thank You Jesus, My worship is for real. Lord I love You, My worship is for real. You're so worthy, My worship is for real.

Yes, thank You Jesus. Lord I love You. Hallelujah

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