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"Nearer, My God, to Thee" (Ukrainian)

Marjan Blan/Unsplash

If you've seen the filmTitanic, then you may remember the portion when the string quartet was ordered to play music on deck in order to accompany and "calm" the wealthy guests' hopeless evacuation process. When it seemed there were no more interested listeners, the quartet was about to attempt escape, themselves, but first broke from their waltz repertoire and played, impromptu, the hymn, "Nearer, My God, to Thee." (Note: this portion was added for the film).

This past Sunday, at my church's congregational meeting, we were shown a raw video of a small Ukrainian church community, huddling in a basement, singing the same hymn in Ukrainian. We then recorded ourselves singing it in English and then sent it to them, along with other churches, as an additional act of solidarity.

You can see the lyrics in both Ukrainian and English here. Here's a video of the hymn in Ukrainian sung by a little girl.


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