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"No Hay Nadie Como Tú" by Marco Barrientos

Andrés Sanz/Unsplash

We were recently asked about a worship song (or more than one) in Spanish that could work with solo piano accompaniment. I think I might have found a worship songwriter and pastor from Mexico we should get to know.

Marco Barrientos's songs have powerful lyrics, and many of them seem to be very piano-oriented. One popular song of his (both on Spotify and iTunes) that caught my ears is "No Hay Nadie Como Tú." Lyrics and English translation below:

Señor aquí estamos, dispuestos, ante ti para adorarte

Señor, hoy te entregamos nuestro corazón

Como una ofrenda de amor

Señor, hemos venido a ministrarte, a adorarte

Señor reconocemos que no hay nadie como tu

Y hoy te cantamos

No hay nadie como tu, precioso y glorioso

Tan bello y tan hermoso

Jesús, Jesús, precioso Jesus

Quiero decirte que mi vida, te pertenece a ti

Porque tu, Señor, tu vida diste por mi

Y en este canto, Yo te entrego mi amor

Para exaltarte y que todo el mundo sepa

Amado mio, mi corazon te canta

A ti por todo lo que has hecho, en mi Señor Jesus

Mi vida es tuya, mi vida es tuya, Señor

Te doy todo lo que soy para que te glorifiques Dios

English translation:

Lord, here we are, willing, before you, to adore you

Lord, today we deliver our heart

As a love offering

Lord, we have come to uplift you, to adore you

Lord, we recognize that there is no one like you

And today we sing to you

There is no one like you, precious and glorious

So lovely and so beautiful

Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus

I want to tell you that my life, it belongs to you

Because you, Lord, your life you gave for me

And in this song, I give you my love

To exalt you and that all the world might know

My beloved, my heart sings to you

To you, for everything you've done, my Lord Jesus

My life is yours, my life is yours, Lord

I give you everything I am, in order that you, God, may be glorified

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