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"Nu E Greu," A Romanian Song For Mothers Day

Eliza Warden's mother is second from the right.

I met many talented musicians when I spent 5 weeks in Romania, but one had just started attending college in the U.S. So, I kept her in mind for if I ever served a church in my country. Her name is Eliza Pirosca Warden. She holds a bachelors and masters in music from Samford, and was once awarded the Christian Artist of the Year award in Romania.

Romania, along with other eastern European countries, has a strong presence in Chicago, particularly on the northwest side. About half the kids at the school bus stop with my children are Romanian. My family was happy to host Eliza, her sister and mother in our home while I produced for her a small tour, sharing her gifts with my multicultural church and two local Romanian Baptist churches.

During Eliza's stay, I couldn't help but compliment her mother. She had to raise her many children mostly alone, and had to deal with the early passing of her son, all within the context of Romania's difficult transition away from communism. Yet here are her kids with strong hearts for the Lord Jesus, and wanting to serve Him wholly.

Eliza (now a mother of two), wrote a song for her mother, entitled "Nu E Greu." Lyrics and translation are provided in the video.

Happy Mothers Day!

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