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"O Papa God" by He-Speaks Singing Ministry

Dicky Wauyari/Unsplash

A missionary colleague of mine contacted me from Indonesia (12 hour time-zone difference from Chicago) and asked me to transcribe this song. It has a straight-forward chord progression, a positive feel and theologically strong lyrics in English and Tok Pisin (a creole language spoken throughout Papua New Guinea). Lyrics below:

Yu senisim, yu karim mi, yu karamapim mi long lav blong yu, Jisas

Yu lidim mi na holim mi, klostulong lewa bilong yu

Inoget narapala man olsem yu, marimari bilong yu bi hainim mi,

Yu tingim mi taim yu dai, an tap long dai wai kros.

Blut bi long yu wasim mi, O Papa God.

Mi sin man, mi no stret long ai bi long yu, ples yu stap em i holi, ples yu stap em i holi

Mi man no gut, mi kam long yu, kos yu no save lucim me, yu stil lavim mi, O Papa God

Tenkyu tru long lav bi long yu, O Papa God

Tenkyu tru long lav bi long yu

(English translation)

You change me, you carry me, you cover me with your love, Jesus

You lead me, you hold me, close, right next to your heart

There is no one like you, your mercy followed me

You thought of me when you died, up on the cross.

Your blood washed me, O Son of God.

Sinful man, I’m not worthy in your eyes, place you dwell in is holy, place you dwell in is holy

I am not good, I come to You, because you never leave me, you still love me, O Father God

Thank you so much for your love, O Father God

Thank you so much for your love


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