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"Ogni Gigante Cadrà" by ICF Worship

Cezar Sampaio/Unsplash

I found a worship song online by the Italian group ICF Worship. This song is a catchy mix of contemporary worship and house music. the chord progression is simple, and the melody is written for a female lead. This song is singable by a congregation. Lyrics and English translation below:

Ora e qui guardiamo te

Pronti sono i nostri cuori

Desideriamo solo te

Benvenuto spirito

Noi Crediamo in te, solo in chi tu sei

Nessuno è grande più di te

Ogni gigante cadrà

Combatti tu per noi

Nessuno è forte più di te

Ripongo la mia fede in te

Roccia ferma su cui staró

Il tuo amore ha vinto ogni paura

Mi arrendo perché tu sei qui

Io canterò

Io griderò

Che tu hai vinto già

La battaglia è tua signor

English translation:

Now and here, we look at You

Ready are our hearts

We only want You

Welcome, Spirit

We believe in You, only in who You are

Nobody is bigger than You

Every giant will fall

You fight for us

No one is stronger than You

I put my faith in You

Firm rock on which I will stand

Your love has conquered all fear

I surrender because You are here

I will sing

I will shout

That You have already won

The battle is Yours, Lord


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