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"Pagdulog" by Cherise Katriel (Philippines)

Cherise Katriel's Facebook page cover photo

Less than two years ago, Sony Music Philippines launched a Christian music label called Waterwalk Records. While researching it, this recent song popped up. It'd work well in a church service, sung by someone who knows about Philippine languages. Rough English translation below:

If anyone in Your name calls, there is salvation

Asking, searching, knocking, and the door is opened

The Lord is my Shepherd, nothing else is necessary

Approaching, bowing, in the shrine of holiness

Approaching Your feet, let me sing in the setting, rising

Let me praise You

Grateful for the promise from prayer, just around the corner

Worship, forgiveness and supplication, praying beloved

Kneeling down...

Approaching... approaching

You loved someone like me, even if I don't deserve it

You extended your hand, considered me as Your own child

There is nothing more to look for, everything is found with You

Amazed, I praise You, Your grace is sufficient


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