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"Prepare the Way, O Zion"

Alice Rouse/Unsplash

Here's a song I transcribed for a Presbyterian church in Birmingham, AL last December. It's "Prepare the Way, O Zion" by Fernando Ortega. It could be used for early Advent or any service about Jesus's identity. Lyrics below:

Prepare the way, O Zion! Your Christ is drawing near

Let every hill and valley a level way appear;

Greet one who comes in glory, foretold in sacred story

O blest is Christ that came

In God's most holy name.

O Zion, He approaches, the Lord and King of all! Cast palms where He advances, spread garments in His way. God's promise fails us never, Hosanna sound forever!

He brings God's rule O, Zion! He comes from Heaven above His rule is peace and freedom and Justice, truth and love Lift high your praise resounding, for grace and joy abounding

O blest is Christ that came, in God's most holy Name.

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