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Recovering Thanksgiving

SJ Baren/Unsplash

When it comes to American holidays, it seems there aren't any left that we celebrate properly or are proper to celebrate. As a kid, I learned such different things about so many holidays than what I know now. Is it just my generation, or does everyone reach an age where their childhood love for holidays gets ruined? Maybe it's mostly stinkin' commercialism.

Valentine's Day went from a Christian martyred for performing weddings to chocolates, flowers and romantic love. Christmas and Easter went from the birth, death and resurrection of the savior of humanity to Santa, a bunny and lots of sugar. St. Patrick's Day went from the celebration of a charitable and forgiving missionary to Ireland to wearing green, partying hard and binging alcohol. Columbus Day honors a man who helped introduce slavery to our country, and it is arguable that many U.S. citizens, at the very least, don't give enough thought to the true meanings behind Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Thanksgiving is no exception.

How did Thanksgiving come about? You can find out its history here. It is a far cry from the kids pageants and the Davey & Goliath episode I remember.

There have been noble and helpful efforts to recover various holidays. Some have replaced Columbus Day with Native Americans Day. Christians resist (at least somewhat) the commercialization of Christmas and Easter. So, in light of this article, how could we, as Christians, recover Thanksgiving?

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