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"Refugee King" by Liz Vice

Levi Meir Clancy/Unsplash

A newer Christmas song I've seen mentioned a few times in cyberspace is "Refugee King" by Liz Vice. Giving a nod to the structure and lyrics of the popular carol "Away in a Manger," the song is about very young Jesus as a refugee, fleeing to Egypt to avoid murder by command of the ruthless king. Lyrics below:

Away from the manger they ran for their lives The crying boy Jesus, a son they must hide A dream came to Joseph, they fled in the night And they ran and they ran and they ran No stars in the sky but the Spirit of God Led down into Egypt from Herod to hide No place for his parents no country or tribe And they ran and they ran and they ran Stay near me LORD Jesus when danger is nigh And keep us from Herods and all of their lies I love the LORD Jesus, the Refugee King And we sing and we sing and we sing Hallelujah


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