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"Remember Me, O God" by Eliza Pirosca Warden

Eliza Pirosca Warden is a Romanian singer, musician and composer whom I first met in Romania in 2008. Seven years later, I hosted her at my first multicultural church and organized a tour for her to play at a few of the Romanian Baptist churches in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I've posted about Eliza before.

Since the quarantine began, Eliza has been regularly organizing musical performances on her front lawn for the community, and has recently written a song in English, "Remember Me, O God," based on Psalm 57. Lyrics below:

Remember me, O God, come to my rescue,

From death and loneliness I cry out!

Your faithfulness and love, send them from Heaven,

Fulfill Your perfect purpose for my soul.

In the midst of suffering and destruction,

I choose to trust that You are the Lord,

And when my heart is surrounded by my enemies,

I set my eyes on your unending love.

In the shadow of Your wings I will take refuge,

Till the sorrow and the fear pass away.

To You, Lord, I will give thanks among the nations,

I will awake the dawn to bless Your name.

My soul was downcast and my strength was waning,

My Lord and my Redeemer heard my cry,

His strong Hand brought me in His House of Freedom!

Praise and Glory be to God most high!

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