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"Rindo Todo a Ti" by Yahaira Morales (Puerto Rico)

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Yahaira Morales is a talented Christian singer from Puerto Rico who has contributed to the Ethnos Project. The title song of her EP, "Rindo Todo a Ti," is straight-forward and singable in a church setting. Lyrics and English translation below:

Entrego todo a ti, hoy me rindo

Entrego cada parte de mi ser

Purificame en tu presencia

Instrumento tuyo quiero ser

Mi vida te doy; Tu la sostendrás

Mi voz doy a ti y mi voluntad

Mi mente y mi alma en ti

Renovada está Toma mi corazón

Lo ofrezco a ti humilde hoy vengo

A entregarte todo a ti

Hoy me entrego

Te entrego todo a ti

English translation:

I surrender all to You, Jesus, I surrender every part of me

Use me as I am, Lord

I surrender

I surrender all to You

I give you my life; it's in Your hands

I lift up my voice and surrender my plans

My soul and my mind, my spirit renewed

Lord take my heart I offer to You

In sweet surrender

I surrender all to You


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