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"Sermonette" by Jon Hendricks and Julian Adderley

Terri Heisele/Getty

This simple and playful jazz song could be pulled off in a church setting. The music was written by saxophonist Julian Edwin "Cannonball" Adderley and the lyrics were written (and added later) by preacher's kid and jazz singer Jon Hendricks. Lyrics below:

I heard me a sermonette Have you heard it yet? With that soulful message That you won't soon forget It tells about real true love People lost sight of Through their sinful livin' And scornin' heaven above It tells you to love one another To feel that each man's your brother Live right, 'cause you know That you reap what you sow And so to have no regrets And to find what you're missin' Bow your head and listen To this sermonette


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